Corinne ein Kind mit Down-Syndrom

From our own personal experience

Development of Corinne and official or insurance-technical measures from quite subjective view.


  • 1996  

    ·        As of  April 1, 1996 Corinne received the status for nursing care level 1.

    ·        On 23.08.1996 she walked three steps independently for the first time.

    ·        After our beach vacation at the Mediterranean the abilities continued to improve to run.

    ·        In October we began with the search for a place in an integrated kindergarten.

    ·        We are presenttly filing the request with the Sozialamt for a „care-and-education“ place at the kindergarten.

    ·        Christmas: Corinne is able to stand up on her own everywhere and she RUNS.

  • 1997 

    ·        Both a „care –and-education“ place in the kindergarten as well as the transportation thereto ha been granted by the Sozialamt.

    ·        April 1997, we have not been alotted a place in a  kindergarten for this year yet.

    ·        May 1997, Corinne repeats very many words and also understands thier meaning.

    ·        We were visited in by the medical service and remain in nursing care level 1.

    ·        We are presently looking for (Corinne is now 4 years old) to find another solution for the diapers she still needs.

    ·        Since August 1997 Corinne goes into the integrated kindergarten. The caretakers of the kindergarten are highly motivated and work hard. Being together with the other children promotes Corinne‘s development.

  • 1998 

    ·        May 1998, Corinne walks quite reliably now, she speaks two-word-sentences. Corinne tries ever more to help in the household, she successfully sets the table with plates, cutlery and napkins very properly.

    ·        June 1998, speaking develops further very well. Corinne still almost brings home almost and every each infection from the kindergarten. We bought a bicycle with supporting wheels for Corinne and practice with her.

    ·        August 1998 - we observe Corinne‘s progress with co-ordinated movement. Speaking also develops well, much to our joy.

    ·        September 1998 - in the vacation Corinne shows no more fear of water (quite contrary). Corinne develops a strong will of her own and she can also clarify and show her wishes very beautifully now.

    ·        October 1998 - speaking and co-ordinated movement become ever better.

  • 1999 

    ·        January 1999 - Corinne can linguistically explain what she needs. She can now also tell us whether and above all where she has pain when she is ill. Corinne has now had a very long stable phase without colds or anything similar and has become stronger and more stable.

    ·        Follwing the recommendations of the child physician we put the bicycle back in the cellar fo rthe time being and bought her a scooter for christmas. The scooter does not have supporting wheels, it is quite normal and  according to the physician helps to develop and train Corinne’s sense of balance. This is certainly not true fo all children, however for Corinne it seems to fit.

    ·        February 1999 - Corinnes sister Camille was born to 30.01.1999. Corinne reacts very positively to her sister. She loves her much and is also very anxiously when the baby cries (which happens often). She still continues to get herself the affection she needs from her parents.

    ·        June 1999 - Corinne can play very on her own for long stretches of time. Besides Corinne can play without many toys, for example she will cook „virtual soups“ etc.  Her perseverance ability with also has improved. We will soon see an optician with her to have her vision checked.


    ·        September 1999 - in our France vacation we taught Corinne (quite easily) what " good day ", thanks ", " bread ", " cheese ", " soup ", " how are you? " means in French. She uses these terms very naturally, as soon as we converse with Frenchmen. In this vacation she has no more fear of water and each enjoys every day at the beach in the sand and the water.   

    ·      October/November 1999 - Corinne has eyeglasses with +4 dioptres, with measured aberration of +5 dioptres. She accepts the eyeglasses and wears them persistently. Corinne made great progress in speaking in the last months. Her speech-therapist and her parents are thrilled. Corinne asks 20 times per hour - " who was that? " and " what are you doing? ". We are pleased although it can be tiring. The relationship with her sister is very good too



  • 2000 

    ·        01.01.2000 - Corinne overslept the change of year. Owing to her pronounced stubbornness she refused to sleep in the afternoon and preferred to B watch a „Benjamin Bluemchen“ video. At 23.00 o'clock she fell asleep. This is a good example of her ability to get explain what she want and to get her will

    ·        30.01.2000 - Corinne had a real thrust in her development, that we could observe in the last months. Her movement co-ordination, physical perseverance, memory ability and language ability developed very well. Despite colds and a light pneumonia in January this trend continues. At the same time Corinne developed her love for  television and to the children series " Benjamin Bluemchen " in particular. Here we will have to regulate the dosages reasonably.

    ·        Benjamin Bluemchen - first promoted by us - developed into the proverbial plague. From time to time there is nothing that is able to divert Corinne‘s attention from wanting to watch television. She also re-enacts scenes from the films however, which again pleases us a lot. When she speaks one can understand her well now. Not always, but ever more frequently correct sentences with „Please“, „Thank you“, etc. The relationship with her younger sister is very good. We have still no success with the bike or the scooter, she wants her Bobby Car or swimming. We now start looking for a school to go to starting in 2001.

    ·        Practically there are only two schools in our area that Corinne can go to. One is the obligatory school for mentally handicapped children, the other one a free welfare-educational Rudolf Steiner School in Bonn. The Bonn school can accept however unfortunately only approx. 10 children each year. We registered Corinne at the Bonn school, the Johannes school.

  • 2001 

    ·        Although the procedure to assess the special increased educational demand is still ongoing we received the message that Corinne has been accepted for one the few places in the Johannes school. We have now a very proud school child.

    ·        Soon the Johannes school Bonn also wants to go on-line 

    ·        Corinne‘ s film taste has changed. After Benjamin Bluemchen now Walt Disney films are „in“.

    ·        For the last three months Corinne is driven to the kindergarten in the minibus. We would like her to get used to this means of transportation whilst she in the well-known environment of the kindergarten.

    ·        July 2001 - Corinne can swim on her won in the deep end of the pool with the swimming wings. She  always gets to where she wants to and uses this to swim to the middle of the pool to stay in longer when we call her.

    ·        August 2001 - The kindergarten time is over for Corinne after 4 years. One could see the quite clearly in last 4 months that Corinne had no more desire to go to kindergarten. She told us every morning that she is a school child now and that seh does not want to go to kindergarten anymore. However she did like the activities in the group of the children, who left the kindergarten this year. She slept with the others in a tent for one night, went on a river in a boat etc..

    ·        Corinne made great progress in the area of the language again, but we are still very unsuccessful in the area of toilet-training.

    ·        The relation to her sister developed further and has become very intensive. The two miss each other a lot when they are not together.

    *** not yet translated ***

  • Corinne ist mittlerweile ein Schulkind. Sie hat sich sehr gut in die Klassengemeinschaft integriert und wiederum können wir große Fortschritte erkennen. Corinne benötigt jetzt nur noch eine Windel in der Nacht oder wenn sie mit dem Taxi zur Schule fährt. Es passieren noch kleine Pannen, aber wir sind hoch zufrieden.

  • Corinne hat ihre ersten Buchstaben und Zahlen gelernt. Sprechen wird immer deutlicher. Sie geht mit Freude in die Schule.


  • 2002 
    • Wir haben das ganze Jahr mit Corinne das Aus- und Anziehen geübt. Wenn man ihr die Kleidungsstücke richtig in die Hand gibt kann sie sich alleine anziehen. Schuhe binden klappt noch nicht!
    • Corinne streitet mittlerweile heftig mit ihrer Schwester um Spielsachen (und natürlich auch andersherum).


  • 2003 
    • Corinne hat jetzt Heileurythmie in der Schule. Der Unterricht (Therapie) macht ihr große Freude.
    • Corinne geht gerne in die Schule. Die Tage an denen es morgens spannenden Unterricht gibt wie etwa Sport sind die Tage an denen es auch leichter als sonst aus dem Bett geht.
    • Corinne entwickelt ein starkes "Ich will.." Gefühl. Sie weiß genau was Sie möchte und kann das auch artikulieren.
    • Wir haben im Urlaub begonnen auch die letzte Windel wegzulassen. Wir haben lange mit Corinne darüber gesprochen dass Sie jetzt auch Nachts zur Toilette gehen muss. Es war von Anfang an erfolgreich.
    • Corinne hat nach den Ferien begonnen in den Katechetenunterricht zu gehen. Wir gehen jetzt auch regelmäßig mit ihr in die Kirche um sie gut auf die nächstes Jahr anstehende Kommunion vorzubereiten.


    • Corinne had her first Holy Communion in April! Thanks to the priest we had a wonderful experience of integration.
    • Corinnes Fähigkeit deutlich zu sprechen nimmt in den Wachstumsphasen ab. Dazwischen sind wir oft von Satzbau, Zeiten und Ausdruck begeistert. Offenbar braucht der Körper dann wieder alle Kraft für Anderes.
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